Where to start? So many things are happening at once it’s thrilling!

I guess I should start with the one thing I’ve been holding onto and was going to wait until I had it in my hands. The grant. I’VE BEEN APPROVED!!! So that means that The Crystal Prison is going to be published! I am also going ahead and getting a pop-up tent for events and saving some to go on my first business trip to Montana! It’s at the beginning of August so I have a little way to go.

Next, by May we’ll be out of the hotel and in Kuna. That is a relief.

Let’s see… Mmm, I was on Tamoxifen for the cancer stuff but it messed with my head and I told the doctor that I couldn’t function and stopped. I can deal with pain but when it comes to my head, I can’t. The thing is, I’ve adapted to function as a ADHD person. Yup I found a way to function without medication. (This isn’t for everyone so I don’t recommend it for all) my brain runs super fast so I can’t talk right. As a kid I stuttered and didn’t want to add that to the list of things others could bully me on. I had enough to worry about just surviving society! Anyway I have to think before I speak in to have a cognitive conversation with someone. If I don’t, I sounded like the Tasmanian devil from the cartoon (I used to empathize with him. People couldn’t understand him) it’s a weird sound of meshed words that can jump out of my mouth if I’m not careful.(sometimes. Like texting without using spaces between words) So my point for all of this is it messed with my cognitive functions. Besides that, my sleep patterns I use, my balance (which isn’t great) and now I could have migraines (salt apparently helps stop migraines and I’ve been craving salty food which stops the headaches), headaches from the top/back of my head. none of this was a problem until I went on the medication. So they took a head scan (MRI) and I’ll see if they find out what happened. Hopefully it isn’t serious. Hey! Maybe they can confirm that I’m crazy! Woohoo I love Idaho!

My port is going away this Monday. YAY. Finally I can sleep on my side or stomach without my arm hurting. Oh! My hair is looking okay. Not so gray but it’s not growing out well. But that’s okay. I’ve got wigs and I’m having so much fun being me.

Oh! The house in Caldwell is going to be ready in October so they are having a wall raising party in June. I just can’t believe we are there. I’ve always dreamed of owning a home. In fact I’ve carried these little blue tiles with me for years and placed them in the bathrooms of each place to remind me that some day I’ll have a place of my own and now it is happening. It’s so shocking to be there. It’s beautiful. The layout. 3 bedroom, 2 bath. A garage and a nice backyard. Everything new. Like a new chapter.

About the book, I’ve decided to go with a local publisher. Green Avenue Books. They have such a cute store! And I was looking for someone local to do it. Kuna’s Book Habit recommended them to me and plus, next month will be my first book signing event with Kuna’s Book Habit. So excited!

So… I better finish all my illustrations if I want to give everyone a new and exciting book! I can’t wait to see how people will react to this continuation of Embrance’s story. It gets wild!

Just a little update for Arroden’s Keep. I have taken a little break on it for now but I’m still drawing and playing with concepts. Not sure what I want for the cover. Maybe the lonely Keep and a size comparison. It’s massive.

Anyway, hopefully for my next update I’ll be in a new home!

The next events: Ethereal – Joyful – Spring Fête

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