A milestone in our journey

Wednesday was amazing.

A little back story…. We were given the opportunity to apply for a house through Our Path Home. Something called First Story which works with Hayden Homes to make affordable homes in the area. (My apologies for any confusion. It’s been a whirlwind of a year and new year) Anyway, we applied and wasn’t sure if we would get this home.(this was last year around October through December) To get it would be a dream of a lifetime for us. We’ve always wanted to be homeowners but something always kept us from this goal so Wednesday was a big surprise for us when they gave us a welcoming party! Neighbors Works posted this👇

“Congratulations to the Kuper Family, the newest First Story family! We are so privileged to be a partner with First Story to help this deserving family receive a home. We surprised them yesterday with the news, followed by tears and smiles all around. Thank you to Hayden Homes, LLC , Jarom Wagoner – Caldwell Mayor and our other guests for making it such a special occasion.”


Hayden Homes mentioned us as well. (Pictures too)👇

“Today I had the pleasure of being a part of something BIG and Wonderful❤️❤️❤️ representing the Snake River Valley BCA

Hayden Homes, LLC as well as NeighborWorks Boise and many others joined together to surprise a family with a new home and I was personally invited to be a part of this.

My heart is constantly being warmed by the generosity of our members helping make dreams come true for deserving individuals and families in our communities.

Thank you for the personal invitation to be a part of this life changing event.”


First Story (Boise) posted as well 👇

“We can’t wait to welcome the Kuper Family into their new Hayden Home later this year! It was all smiles when we surprised them with the news with our partners NeighborWorks Boise and Hayden Homes, LLC. Congratulations to our new First Story homeowners!🏡🎉”

I met a lot of wonderful people who will be part of our journey to this new place. Before I forget, I want to say that this house isn’t built yet. It’s just a lot (dirt with a number). (I got to go out there and see it). They’ll be doing a wall raising in June which we get to be a part of and also we get to meet up with the design team to pick out interior items. There was so much more but as before it was a whirlwind of emotion and excitement that day. I’ll make sure to post more info on this.


Story side!☺️

I’m nearly finished with my artwork. I know I keep saying that. Artists have deadlines of their own. We tend to have our own internal clocks. (At least the Fine artist in me does)I try not to do that. I also want this to be a good book. The door to the series. A Nightmare’s Point of View is that doorway but The Crystal Prison is you finally stepping in and continuing. Those who have read the book will understand that. A Nightmare’s Point of View can be viewed as a stand alone book but only if you don’t read the back of the book where I placed the second book’s teaser. I made it that way to give a choice for the reader. The same goes for the Journal and Log pages. They are marked in the beginning of the book just in case you want to go back later when you skip them. ( You can skip them to make the book more mysterious)

Arroden’s Keep. I am slowly working on this. Haven’t done much. The artwork is pretty easy and not that much. I just still have those sections I need and then it’s ready.

Woohoo! Sorry for the long update there.

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