This marks a year for Winterblade1980’s Books!

It feels good to be in business for a year now. So much has gone on, I’m glad to be a tiny liquid like business. I’ve learned a lot and have progressed slowly to keep my mistakes easy to fix.

I’m going to keep moving up!

Updates on the books. The Crystal Prison is coming along well. I’m about halfway through the illustrations and went back to look through to make sure I didn’t miss a thing. I know I can put more in the next one which will be a part 2 to the Crystal Prison, I call Vortex. It has a longer title but Vortex is a good nickname for the third book. (Technically I am halfway done with that one) just having a hard time with what I want to stuff at the end of that book. I don’t want to give away too much. 😉 Currently I’m working on earning money to get it into the publishing process. Still. Yes. But that is where my business comes in. I’ve been selling my crafts at events. It’s going well! I can even sell my books there too.

Next, Shadow Side. Once The Crystal Prison is in the publishing process, I’m going to work on the next book to Shadow Side, Arroden’s Keep. I’m pretty much done with it. I’m going to add poetry and also add a little more about the Blue Rose Festival. Can’t forget about that! Poetry is going well but I need to make sure I get it placed in the right spots. It also needs some of my illustrations which will be more maps of places that Virgil explores. I’m very excited to get this series off and running. I love both.

If I’m not working on those, I’m crafting. So far just necklaces made out of leather and usually natural items such as glass, shell and stone. Same with earrings. Mainly metal though.

Then I’m working on Unlife: Lighter Moments of the Zombie Apocalypse. I’ve run by a few people and they think it would make a wonderful comic book and a shirt! I’ve always wanted to make a comic book. So that will be something on my off time.

My health is slow to improve but that is to be expected for someone who went through chemo treatments. I’m always tired and in pain but I manage. I miss my long blonde hair but this gives me the opportunity to explore things I’ve always wanted to do which is to have different hair and dress up! I love cosplay but I have added my own twist. I have a look for Winterblade1980. One for a Fox Lady (my style) and I have a few more to go. Oh! And the Rosey cosplay too. I do have a blonde one with green for the Spring Fête I’m going to use and also I long white and grey that kinda looks Goth. I’m too perky to be Goth so I’ll try something else.

That is another thing that I want to add. I’ve joined up with the Art Collective through Interfaith Sanctuary and it is going great! I got to finally try my hand at mosaic and I love it. Once it gets finished I’ll show it off.

I think that is everything. Oh and hopefully next time I write here, I’ll be in my new home! No more hotel. No more homelessness.

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