Here, here! To the end!

It’s so weird being finally over. I’m glad that it is but I guess I’ve gotten used to it. I guess that is part of the journey of recovery. Learning to be free from the poison and port. To finally heal and regain what I have lost. It’s been a wild journey. It’s interesting how both chemo and displacement are ending nearly at the same time. But backwards. It was displacement first and then cancer and now cancer before displacement. If you haven’t heard yet, we have a place opening up for us in Kuna. I found out that a new book store is opening up there too. That is so exciting. I’ve chatted a little with the owner and he is an author too and loves to travel.

I’m so excited for our new chapter as a family and for myself. I’ve been a little terrified about it. I fear old habits in the family will return once we move but as I draw nearer to this new chapter, I’ve been coming up with new plans and have been bolstering myself with new ideas. This time I’m going to stand my ground. This is a new year and I am going to be a new person. Plus, I’ve made a goal to earn more money so I’m not in the red for my bitty business 😊

I’m still hoping to earn enough money to start my new book The Crystal Prison. I’ve been making progress with the illustrations. I’ve only penciled them in and I’ll go back and do shadowing afterwards. It’s been fun looking back at many of the creatures I have already seen and drawn. Like revisiting old friends. I do this with Shadow Side’s next book too. I’m still finishing up with the illustrations but it will be mainly maps of the area and of course the poetry. Can’t forget about the poetry.

I’d like to share a little that I have gotten. See what you thought about it.

Heart’s desire

My heart as winter, long awaited for love’s touch.

The first flower to awaken from Spring’s breath.
Kissed by the sun, your petals shimmered with morning dew and love bloomed I never knew existed…

It’s mushy and that is what I want for Virgil. Anyway, tomorrow is my last chemo treatment and appointment. Next time there will be surgery to remove the port.

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