What next?

Well it’s been a slow start to the New Year but I’m grateful because that way I can catch mistakes and play catch up. I’m still working on Shadow Side as a series. The next book is called Arroden’s Keep. I just need some illustrations and some poetry but I’ve run into a problem. I don’t do poetry. I hate writing it. I like reading but it is so foreign to me when it comes to writing it. In comes Joshua. I found someone to help me with the mushy love poetry between Liz and Virgil. (I’ll speak later on that)

Anyway, I’m working on that but waiting for poems. While I wait for them, I’m catching up on illustrations for the next book to A Nightmare’s Point of View – The Crystal Prison. There isn’t much in the book. It’s all in the back of the book, mainly. I have a glossary of the creatures you encounter in the universe and a few ones you don’t see but are there. They could be mentioned later or also have already been mentioned in A Nightmare’s Point of View and soon in The Crystal Prison. It is an amazing challenge getting out 55 pictures for the glossary. I’m pretty much done with one section for this character and it has 25 pictures. They just need to be touched up. So that is a total of 80 plus a few more that are throughout the book. I love the challenge!

When I can’t focus on it, I usually draw random things like – Unlife: Lighter Moments of the Zombie Apocalypse. Just something fun to mess with. I was inspired by a picture I called, Spare some flesh? It’s a bit graphic and on Reddit as a NSFW. The comic isn’t as graphic but you can get the idea they are Zombies. I have a few other pictures of them. One called chasing butterflies and No problem with reading. They are just for fun… Well, that’s how Shadow Side started so I may go with it some day.

Some lighter stuff. I got a car for my business so I don’t need to rent a U-Haul truck anymore. I’ve noticed that a lot of vendors and authors have tiny cars for events. Not good for when you need stuff so I got a Ford Expedition for hauling! I love Expeditions. They are great for everything. If you don’t want one of those, I suggest the Caravan (dodge) the only thing you have to worry about is the oil and the radiator. Always get the radiator checked when buying them. They get bunched with holes. The oil, make sure to keep the seals in working order. Other than that, they are amazing. Expeditions had a problem with their thermostat and the usual maintenance. But for some reason they have a problem with their thermostat. The thing that keeps the car from over heating.

I do have some news. Next month we should be in a place and again next month is my last chemo treatment

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