Between and the last days of 2022

Holidays can be tough with sick kids and a sick computer… But that hasn’t stopped me from writing or drawing. I’ve continued to both and work on stocking up on jewelry that I make. My husband and children got me a Rocket Book so I’m going to be playing with that. Yay 😁.

My computer’s mother board broke so it’s off to be repaired. Thank goodness for tech support and warranties. I didn’t have to pay a thing… But now I have to wait to play. I think I should invest in a desktop for just in case purposes.

With the cold weather my health has been rough. The neuropathy is awful and I have to remember to take my pain meds to function 😵‍💫 I have taking them but it’s to help me so I do. At night it’s worse when I lay down. When I’m wandering around it’s not so bad but the more I do the worse it will be later. February is (hopefully) my last month of chemo.

For the displacement, good news. The Catch Program is looking for a new place for us. If things work out, we’ll be in Kuna. We won’t be hearing from First Home until January/February about if we are approved for a house to own. – A couple of months ago Our Pathway Home approached us about this program and I haven’t mentioned it because I’m unsure if anything will come of it. As always we are a finger tip away from a home but never able to reach it. Something always blocks us.

Anyway, I’m looking forward to the next year and I will keep everyone updated on it. I’m going to be working on the artwork while I wait for funds to publish it. ❤️

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