Here I am!

Welp, here is the beginning. Tada! I will add more later as my adventure progresses. I guess I can start off with a little about myself.

My name is April Kuper. I go by Winterblade1980 online. It started out just Winterblade but as I got older I put 80 or 1980 there so that people didn’t think I was a 15-year boy. People still assume I’m male but to each their own.

I live in Idaho with my husband and 4 kids. 3 boys and 1 girl.

Currently, we have no home. I take that back. We sorta have a home. We’re currently displaced. Home is where you hang your hat. Home is where family is and since I have both, it is in a way, home but not. During this, I’m on the journey to battle cancer and winning. For those who visit and don’t know, it’s breast cancer. A couple of lumps and a lymph node. I’ve gone through the harsher chemotherapy and am now on some lighter stuff with radiation. So far radiation isn’t too bad.

While I go on this journey, I write and draw. I’m both writer and an artist. I have big plans for both series of books. First, A Nightmare’s Point of View. The second, Shadow Side.

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